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Bob Krampetz @, Montag, 16.11.2009, 05:54 (vor 4358 Tagen) @ Susanne Schäffer

Danke Susanne,

I found too many records nearly lost because of mis-translated spelling errors, I had to try.

Yes, it is very clear in the copies of the church records from EZA that her name was Ekatrina Malon.

I had found Gustav Krampetz's (my grandfather) death certificate saying "Country of Origin: Russia" in 1953. I asked my father about that and he got angry at me for finding it! and was forbidden to ask my grandmother!? My grandparents had been so silent about their families and their homeland. Back then, WWII wasn't so long ago, and communism was rising as the next fear.
Even two aunts (the last of their children) I asked about 20 years ago, insisted their parents were born somewhere in Germany.

The only times I found records of someone with the surname Krampetz in the 19th century, in Europe, was in Volhnia. In the Dobriner-land, (area of Lipno, Rypin, Plock, Torun) there were only Krampitz. I learned my grandfather changed the spelling from "ITZ" to "ETZ" after he was here.

I got my first clue only a little over a year ago when I found "Gustavx Krampik" in the Ellis Island website (the manifest showed Gustave Krampitz) and he have Plock as his home. I soon found his brother's name and he listed Lipno as his home, both gave their father's name as Jan. Others on SGGEE.ORG found several Krampitz families in the Lipno area, and my email to the EZA opened everything up for me.

When I obtained my grandfather's birth record from EZA, I also got the bonus records his mother's death, his father's second marriage to Augustina Fredrika Krüeger - and the births of 8 of his siblings - 7 I knew nothing of! He died when I was 15 and even older cousins were surprized that I learned not only his parents names, but his grandparents names and towns (from the death & marriage records).

I have a hand drawn map of Barany (my GF's village) that was made around 1935 that shows three Krampitz families there. From the EZA records, I knew there was at least one other family there as they witnessed some of the births in my family. EZA would not send me other family records, so I couldn't tell if they were related. My great grandfather Johann (Jan) had at least one brother, Michael, and it could have been his children.
I will be going to the LDS church microfilm to see if I can find more..
It is very fustrating tracing clues in German, Russian or Polish script that is difficult for me to learn.

Three female and one male sibling (that I know of) came to the USA, so that leaves Michael's family, and six siblings that I cannot find any records of, let alone family records of the women that married into or out of the Krampitz surname line. But, I have only had good records for the last year, and I hope to find others (have already found a distand relative to my grandmother, Hulda Eggert, who was also from the Lipno area)

Thanks you for reading, and if you wish to correspond privately, I am at "krampetz @ aol . com"

Bob Krampetz
Portland, Oregon USA

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