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Susanne Schäffer @, Sonntag, 15.11.2009, 16:39 (vor 4359 Tagen) @ Bob Krampetz

Dear Bob,

Due to the less information we have about Franz Karl Krampetz, I´cant say if there could be a connection to your Krampetz family.

From the death record of Eva Emilia Krampetz we know his name and that he died in Poland (date and town: not known).
Franz Karl Krampetz was the second husband of Eva, but we do not have a marriage record, so no information about his birthplace and parents.

Eva Emilia Maron was born 18.1.1860 in Makowiec near Lipno, Poland.
Her father Michael Maron was born 20.11.1818 in Makowiec. He married Katharina Reder 1848 in Lipno.
Eva´s grandparents were Adam Maron and Eva Strach (marriage 27.5.1817 in Lipno). Evas great-grandparents were Johann Maron and Eva Nikel.

So the surname is definitively Maron, not Malon. Do you have the marriage record of Ekaterina Malon? If not and you know maybe the year I can have a look in the church records of lipno during my next visit in the archive.

Eva Emilia Maron´s first husband was Andreas Machwald. I have also less information about him. He died in Wielkopole, Volhynia, (year not known). Because Eva and her siblings left around 1880 the Lipno area and went to volhynia (Pitschalowka, Pelsa and Wielkopole) and I couldn’t find a marriage record in the Lipno churchbooks of her, I suppose that she married Andreas Machwald in Volhynia. They had at least three children:

Carl Machwald (born 27.10.1881 in Pitschalowka, Volhynia)
Pauline Machwald (born 6.6.1886 in Pelsa, Volhynia)
Louise Machwald (born 19.10.1888 in Pelsa, Volhynia)

I ´think after Andreas Machwalds death the second marriage with Franz Karl Krampetz was performed also in Volhynia. If she met him there or she knew him from Lipno I do not know, but I have also noticed some Krampitz/Krampetz families in the indexes of the Lipno churchbooks and a lot of families went after the polish uprisings to volhynia, maybe also Franz.

Obviously also for Franz Karl Krampetz this was the second marriage, because the existence of stepsons (number and names unknown) were mentioned from the danish Maron descendants.

Nevertheless Eva Emilia went together with her siblings, the family of her daughter Louise and presumably also with her stepsons around 1916 to Germany, Nordschleswig, which belongs since 1920 to denmark.
She died 11.7.1943 in Haderslev, denmark.

Kind regards,
Susanne Schäffer

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