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Bob Krampetz @, Sonntag, 15.11.2009, 01:36 (vor 4356 Tagen) @ Regina Steffensen

Bitte entschuldigen Sie meine Verwendung von Englisch, Deutsch übersetzt Google verwirrt.

I have traced my own family to Michael Krampitz & Anna Wollenberg born near Glodowo ~1804. The births of their two sons Michael (~1828) & Johann (~1843) (may be more?).

My grandfather, Johann (Jan) Krampitz married Ekaterina Malon, born in Barany (about 7km SW of Lipno). She died in 1886 after the birth of her third (?) child. Johann married again, 8 more children and stayed in Barany. I am sure they have no connections to Volhynia, but I am only going by the data I obtained from EZA.

Reading the thread of EVA Krampitz and Maron, I am familiar with spelling mistakes in records (?Maron = ?Malon) and I wonder if we should compare more data. Using google to translate from German to English also confuses the meanings..

The name Krampitz is not a common name and I found some as early as the 17th century in West Prussia as well as the village of Krampitz near Danzig (Gdansk). Three Krampitz families were still living in Barany about 1935 and I am sure I have distant relatives now in Germany.

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