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Hallo Annette,

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My grandfather was Leopold Gottlieb Riewe, born June 22, 1894 (or 1891, we're not sure), in Slabotka (Slobodka, or Slabodka), Ukraine. Unfortunately, "Slabotka" is a general word meaning something like "district" and there are several places with this name, so I'm not sure where it is. My grandfather had written that he was born near Kiev. He died on Dec. 25, 1971.

He had a brother named Ewald Michael Riewe, born in Marianin, born Oct. 23, 1892, died May 4, 1975.

They had 3 (possibly half-) sisters in Germany, one of them may have been named Emilie. Their parents names were Gottlieb and Louise (Louisa, Luisa). We have no birth or death dates for them. Ewald said on his ship crossing document that his father Gottlieb lived in Wischkofka. Louise's maiden name may have been Riewe, too.

We believe their father Gottlieb's brother's name was August Riewe (Sept 20, 1859 - May 20, 1944) who was married to Paulina Pelzer (Aug 2, 1860 - 1915). August may have been born in Lipinski, Poland, and his middle name may have been Reinhard. Paulina might have been born in Kamilew, Poland. Some of August and Paulina's children were born in Nikolajewka. Their children were Julius (moved to Oconto county, WI), Adolph (ditto), Reinhold (Siberia then Germany), Heinrich (Siberia then Germany), Benjamin (moved to Milwaukee, WI), and Olga (Siberia, may have died there).

We believe that the father of August and Gottlieb may have been named Martin Riewe, from a NARA (US National Archives and Records Administration) record, that one of my cousins got. Martin was named on one or two documents that were copies of records from Germany, which were for the purpose of repatriation in Germany from the East.

This old map (https://wolhynien.de/images/Karte_OstWolhynien_Stumpp.gif) shows that Slobodka, Marianin, Nikolajewka, and Wyschkowka were near the current city of Novograd-Wolynsk (Nowohrad-Wolynskyj).

Thanks in advance for any help about the older ancestors.

Alles Gute,


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