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I also am a Riewe descended from German ancestors who at one time lived in Volhynia.

I read with interest your thread of messages, and recently found this website:


There are Riewes in the United States in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, etc. My family is from Wisconsin (Milwaukee and Oconto), and my ancestors first came to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, around 1920. I think the first of my grandfather's cousins, Julius Riewe, may have come around 1903 to Oconto, Wisconsin.

My grandfather was born near Kiev. His son, my dad said he heard the word "Zhytomyr" a lot growing up. My grandfather was in WWI as a Russian soldier, then taken POW by the Germans, with whom he stayed, since he was German. Some of his family were forcibly taken to labor camps and Siberia and never heard from again. I'm confused if this was in WWI or WWII. My dad doesn't know what happened to his grandparents, that is, his father's parents.

Except for my grandfather's cousins, we don't know how we are related to other Riewes. My guess is that churches and their records were burned. I don't know what part of Germany they originally came from.



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