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Rachel Bohn @, Dienstag, 20.03.2018, 20:12 (vor 746 Tagen) @ Viola Kaestner


I have a Gohl connection from Volhynia Olschanow. Ernestine Gohl. I don’t know her exact birth (abt 1865) or death dates but probably born around 1860s. She married Samuel Schwiderke 1857-1937 on 3 feb. 1881 at age 16. One of their sons Martin 1888-1955 married my great aunt Amalie Jede. They immigrated to Rio Grande de Sol in 1927. Samuel S came too but not Ernestine. She must have passed away earlier. Ernestine parents were Wilhelm Gohl and Juliane Noldren according to Ernestine marriage record. Entry 21:

Any relation to you?

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