Help with Polish, Military Records and Radke-Zaft marriage

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Donnerstag, 11.04.2024, 03:39 (vor 41 Tagen) @ Irene König

Wow, that's spectacular Irene, thank you very much. :okay:

Of course, I had interpreted that somewhere there it said "Andreas", but I hadn't thought about the Russian language and its Cyrillic writing, great, now I have another way to write my last name.


1- Military records.

And maybe I'm opening a different topic here, but since we're talking about the military, are there Russian military records from World War I?
Supposedly one of my great-grandfathers (Hilscher or Rosin, I have to ask my grandmother again, haha) served in the rearguard on the Caucasus front for Russia, or at least there was a relocation of his family to the Dagestan area, which was not very clear.


2- Radke-Zaft marriage

And 2nd (I hope I don't bother you), I suspect that this marriage of 1836 that I found in Geneteka is the one between Johann Radke and Elisabeth Zaft, parents of Julianna Radke, it would not be so wrong since they lived in the vicinity of Lodz, no more information appears in Geneteka of the marriage (name of their parents for example), I understand that there's some way to see the document but I don't know how exactly do it, again, thank you again.

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