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Okey, I found an answer to my 2nd question, I found Teolin.

The document says something like "Kolonie Teolin, Gubernia Petrokowskiy".

Of course, I didn't recognize the word Piotrokow because I never knew about it, it was a governorship within the Russian Empire that lasted only from 1867 to 1915.

(also because the P is so poorly drawn, with all due respect to our dear friend who wrote that, lol)

Piotrokow Goverantore on Wikpedia (English)

Teolin on Wikipedia (Polish)

I found its exact ubication here:

Teolin in Map German Settlements in Eastern Europe

It's very close to Lodz, it no longer exists as a village/city/town, it now belongs to Nowosolna.

Teolin also appears on Albert Breyer's map.("Breyer Map - Karte der Deutschen in Mittelpolen")

Teolin, is marked on the Breyer map as "Lutherans from Southwestern Germany".

It's not crazy to think that she was born there, although most of my relatives came from villages near Dabie, Kolo, I have other ancestors who lived in the vicinity of Lodz, and there would not be many reasons to distrust this since it was a time of migration to Volhynia from different points in central Poland, in fact, the wedding is near Lublin, obviously they were both far from home.

Furthermore, whenever I searched about the Radke before this, always the investigations always head me to Lodz, looking a little at the parishes uploaded in such as Zgierz, Aleksandrow or Konstantynow, they are all full of people with the surname Radke.

So it all makes sense.


Now the first question remains to be answered about that word [Pozbenz or Kozbenz] and if its if its related to a possible adoption of Michael Rosin, thank you all.

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