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Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask for help with some Polish but I've a small question with some words in a document.

In short, I only want to understand 2 words of 2 images, nothing more (they are images with very little text, it's not something terrible).

I have 2 main doubts:

1. Was Michael Rosin adopted? Is the surname of the family that adopted him mentioned in the document?
2. The birthplace of Juliana Radke.


The biological parents, Andreas Karl Rosin 1820-1860) and Wilhelmine Rex (1824-1860), of Michael Rosin (1853-?) died when all their children were very young, and I don't know exactly what happened to them, they were from a family from Sobotka, Dabie.

His parents died when he was 7, he didn't have much older siblings and his grandparents also almost all died around that time, so I always assumed they were adopted or something like that.

The story jumps to Lublin, precisely to Krasienin where he married Julianna Radke on July 13, 1879, then they moved to Topcha, Volhynia.


1879 Marriage Michael Rosin and Julianna Radke Krasienin

That document it's hard to read, the names are barely visible, in fact, the parents of both are not mentioned as far as I can barely understand.

But that's not the text I want to decipher, if someone reads that one of the 2 questions I asked are answered in that doc, great, but I can't read much.


Well, don't ask me where, I don't remember anymore, I got these 2 images of the wedding (they are signed by the same people who appear in the wedding document above: "Samuel Peschke ¿" and "Jan Roschtreter ¿" ), evidently it's another section of the same marriage book where they wrote more things, you can tell by the large number 62 that coincides with the registration number in the book.

There are 2 sheets, one for Michael Rosin and one for Juliana Radke.


1. Michael's page:

Michael's page

And here's what I want to know:
When it mentions Michael says something like:

Michael Rosin / Pozbenz (or Kozbenz) / then says something I don't understand.

But that Pozbenz or Kozbenz is what intrigues me, is that the surname of the family that adopted him?

Perhaps that word means orphan or adopted, not necessarily the groom's adopted surname.

I don't know if it's relevant but later in Topcha, Volhynia a son of Michael Rosin and Julianna Radke, Gottlieb, married a lady with surname Pubantz. So, there's a record between the closeness of the Rosin and Pubantz families.

Below he mentions that he was born in Dabie, Kalisz Governorate, the name of his parents and his age (26).


2. Juliana's page:

Juliana's page

Here what would interest me would be to decipher his birthplace:

Kolonie Teolin? and then I don't understand what it says, it should be the province or something similar.

He mentions the parents Johann Radke and Elisabeth Zaft and their age (24), the words in between I don't understand the same.


Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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