Familie SCHIRMER in Wladimir-Wolynsk

Irene König ⌂, Freitag, 22.03.2024, 00:03 (vor 29 Tagen) @ Michał Szirmer

In the 1911 birth book about my grandfather, there are no birth dates of his parents.

Hello Michał,

A birth certificate only contains the names of the parents, but never their dates of birth.

If I understand you correctly, you need the marriage certificate of Rajnold Szirmer and Julianna Markwart, parents of Paul. Unfortunately, the marriage register from 1910 no longer exists, so you won't get this certificate. There is only the index showing that Reinhold SCHIRMER and Juliane MARKWART married in 1910 (Vladimir Volynsk 1910, No. 105)



I need it for official matters, so scans alone are not enough.

We only do family research here and I can't tell you how you can have the scans officially confirmed. It's best to ask in the archives, maybe someone there can help you.

Regards, Irene

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