VLADIMIR VOLYNSKI 1890 - birthbook

michal @, Montag, 18.03.2024, 13:48 (vor 32 Tagen) @ Ansgar Mantey

Oh, thank you. :-)

I found there is Reinhold Schirmer from january 1890. I think 100%, he is my greatgrandfather, but how to build a connection between my grandfather?

I have scans from birthbook 1911 year, Vladimir Volynski about my grandfather, but there are no birthdates of Reinhold Schirmer and his mother.

I have a Polish grandfather's birth certificate, but no birth dates about his parents too. :-(

My grandparents were polonized Germans from Vladimir Volynskij, they changed or they were forced to change names and surnames into polish writing.

It's important for me, to find accurate informations for official matters.

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