Familie SCHIRMER in Wladimir-Wolynsk

Michał Szirmer @, Montag, 18.03.2024, 21:08 (vor 32 Tagen) @ Regina Steffensen

Sorry for my mistakes. :-( Maybe now will be ok.

My grandfather is Paul Schirmer born in 29.06.1911 in Vladimir Volynski.

His father's name was Reinhold Schirmer and mother Julianne Markwart in lutheran book from 1911

I have polish birth certificate of my grandfather where they are called Rajnold Szirmer, Julianna Markwant. No birthdates of his parents.

He and his mother was polonized Germans so I don't know when they changed name and surname spelling, to polish.

I need a document stating that these are his parents specifically. Yes this family members what you mentioned are 100% his parents.

I need it for official matters, so scans alone are not enough.

In the 1911 birth book about my grandfather, there are no birth dates of his parents.

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