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Halloo Irene,

I had the information about Emma via an email from a person in the USA.

Emma and Heinrich Timnick had three sons, Gustav, Richard, and Johannes. Emma Ratke Timnick died. Three years later, Heinrich met and married a young woman by the name of Maria Brisewitz. She was from Estonia. Heinrich then sent for her parents from Estonia to join them in the Ukraine. To this union were born three children- one son Paul Gerhardt, and two daughters, Dagmar Elsbeth and Agnes.

Marie was 8 months pregnant when Marie and Heinrich married in november 1898, and the child was born in december 1898. Why wait so long to get married if they were in love? Marie was 20 years younger than Heinrich.

What makes a young girl (born 1876) living in Estonia moving to Volhynia and marry a 20-year older man (born 1856) with three small children? That must be strong love.

Marie was godmother to her brother's son in 1895 in Tallinn, so she must have left Estonia after that, the same year as Emma Radke died.
And I assume that Marie was on site in Tallinn when she was godmother in 1895.

Yes, I understand that there is a problem when no actual documents are available. It gets a lot of speculations then.


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