Familie Adolf HASPER & Pauline KRÜGER

Rahel Brutscher @, Samstag, 24.09.2022, 19:03 (vor 67 Tagen) @ Irene König

Dear Ricardo,

my name is Rahel Brutscher and I am as well a descendant from the Hasper-family.

Emanuel Hasper and Pauline Hasper, neé Strohschein are my great-great grandparents. The two children Lydia and Reinhold are correct, but my great grandfather, also Emil, is missing. He was born in 1907 in Stepanowka as well.
Emil Hasper is the newphew of Emil Karl (*1870).

My great-grandparents Emil and Berta first emigrated to today's Poland and then after WWII back to Germany.

I am delighted to learn about some part of the Hasper family moving to Brazil, because we never knew anything about it. My grandpa always told he was born in Poland, it took us some years to understand that he was actually born in today's Ukraine.

If you find out anything more I would love to learn about it.


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