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Good Morning.
A/c Mr. Gerhard

I'm Ricardo Hasper, I live in Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil, evangelical, I'm from the Baptist Church of Curitiba-Paraná and at the moment I'm dedicating myself to writing for My family, that is, my grandparents who came from Ukraine.

With that, I've been looking for information for years and I got through a book, a summary of those disembarked in Porto – from Porto Alegre, these coming from Volyniem to Brazil in 1912.

With that, I know it's not the job you guys do, but I'm here to ask you a big favor in helping us get more information about my background coming from Volyniem.

For that, I have information that they were from the Pindik colony, Revno and Mowolhynien district of Wohllynia (Wohllynien) province in eastern Ukraine in 1912.

My great-grandparents were Emil Hasper married to Marianna Möbs Hasper. Emil Hasper died in Volyniem (did not leave) and Marianna Möbs Hasper (widow) arrived in Brazil in 1912 with 7 children, as follows:
I got some information about the Baptist Church of Rio Grande here in Brazil from the children of Emil Hasper (who died in Volyniem) and Marianna Hasper coming with their children to Brazil. Are they:

GUSTAV HASPER: Date of Birth – 07.18.1891; Krupy, Russia, Chelm.
LUDWIG HASPER: Date of Birth - 04.28.1895; Porosow, Wohlinien.
RUDOLF HASPER: Date of birth – 25.11.1896; Pindik, Wohlinien.
LYDIA HASPER / Date of birth – 06.06.1898; Branislaw, Wohlinien.
ADOLF HASPER: Date of birth – 05.06.1900; Porosow, Wohlinien.
HEINRICH HASPER: Date of birth – 06.17.1908; Porosow, Wohllinien.
MATHILD HASPER: Nothing found

(Mother) MARIANNA HASPER (Mobs): nothing found.

Maybe this will help when you find a Hasper on your research path.

I am very grateful for what you have already informed me.

Thank you very much!!!

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