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I read your posting on the SGGEE FB site.

Looking for information on my great grandfather Friedrich Eduard Kruger (Krieger). He lived in Hermanow Poland with his wife Alwine nee Lamp(e) when his children Helene, Ludwig, Julius and Ottile were born between 1880-1895. ... Hermanow is in Poland, I believe , somewhere near Gross (Wielkie) Gluscha.

Since I'm not on Facebook, some comments here. I urge you to translate and read carefully everything written in this thread - what you haven't done yet, because you seem to think that Hermanow would be near Gross Gluscha. But the two places were about 400 kilometers apart.

Quote: Your grandfather Ludwig was not born in Volhynia, but on August 15, 1887 in Poland, in a place called "Hermanow" in the Warsaw governorate - that is what his confirmation entry says.
Quote: Helene KRÜGER * Jun 25, 1885 in Hermanow, Warsaw Governorate

Only Helene *1885 and Ludwig *1887 were born in Hermanow in the Warsaw Governorate (belonging to Congress Poland). Julius *1891 and Ottilie *1893 were born in Groß Gluscha in Governorate of Volhynia (belonging to Russia).


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