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Tana Laudolff @, Montag, 13.01.2020, 03:29 (vor 209 Tagen) @ Irene König

Andreas and Irene,

I too have Dobersteins who were in the Zhitomir area. My family showed up in Nataliendorf, Zhitimor around 1876-78.
I am not sure where Dublanuwka is located but as I mentioned my family lived in Nataliendorf also in Zhitimor
I have also spent a lot of time looking at the St Peter's Lutheran Records and here is something I have noticed:
The first entry for any Dobersteins is in the 1860's index. No Doberstein appear in earlier indexs. (I use many variants of name: Doberstein, Dobberstein, Dobberman, Doppelstein etc. I don't rule anything out until proven otherwise, while I am building communities of families.)

These are the earliest birth entries:
Dobberman, Julianna July 4, 1867 Zhitimor Parents: Fredrich Dobberman/Karoline Ortleib
Dobberstein, Wilhelm Feb 13,1868 Zhitimor Parents: Jakob Dobberstein/Christine Jakobi
Doberman, John Ernest May 4, 1864 Parents: Gottlieb Doberman/Julie Jabs

Death records
Dobberstein, Martin Dec 12,1867 Zhitmor 58 years old ( 1809)
Dobberstein, Wilhelmine Aug 4, 1866 Zhitimor Father: Jacob Age 2yrs born at Dublanuwka.

My point is Martin seems to be the oldest Doberstein. With a birth date of 1809 - a search of Martin Dobersteins in SGGEE might provide some options for consideration.

I am currently sorting out the Doberstein families listing Josephstadt.Heimthal as their place of birth.

Hope the suggestion helps.
Tana George Laudolff

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