Re: Familie Doberstein

Tana Laudolff @, Dienstag, 30.01.2018, 03:03 (vor 964 Tagen) @ Andreas Machowski

I am also researching for Dobersteins. Our line lived in the Josephow, Nataliendorf and new Rschadkowka area of Volhynia. Father: Michael Mother Rosine Richter. Children: Emily, Mathilde, Martin Johann August,Julius, Wilhelm (The above children were in born in the Gakzyczki/Karsk area of Poland. between 1858-1869) The following two children were born in Nataliendorf, Volhynia: Marianna 1875 and Julianna 1878.

Interested in sharing our Dobersteins. I am a member of SGGEE.
Tana George Laudolff

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