Familie Doberstein

Tana Laudolff @, Freitag, 25.10.2019, 01:40 (vor 337 Tagen) @ Andreas Machowski

I believe that perhaps the Jacob and Christine Jacob that you are referring to were the parents of the Wilhelm and Christine Hohnke/Hanke which is found in the SGGEE Volhynia pages. They are listed as having children born in Dublanowka, Zhitomir.
Other Dobersteins showing up in Dublanowka are : Fredrick ( wife Christine Zeretzke) and John ( Eva Kluge). siblings?

Searching Susanna Doberstein I find one married to Christain Schulz at Dombrowa, Zhitomir.

In the death records there is a notation for the death of Christine Doberstein on Oct 17,1909 at Dembowa, Zhitomir. She was 77 years old and born in Poland. She was a widow and husband is recorded as Jacob. This is very likely the couple you mentioned.

Hope this assisted you.
Tana George Laudolff

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