llocation of Orzieri and Stocal

Camilla Roggeri @, Alessandria, Italia, Donnerstag, 22.11.2018, 00:43 (vor 273 Tagen) @ Camilla Roggeri

I have doubts also about these places:

1) Orzieri. He wrote he went from Luc’k to the war front. There he had an accident and he had to go to the hospital. Then he went by a five hours walk from the war front to a first aid place. From there to Kolchi (I believe it is Kolky), travelling on a horse drawn carriage one day. After two more days he got in “Orzieri, first train station”. From there by train he got to Kowel. I’ve found on Gmaps a place named “Ozerne” on the road from Kolchi to Kowel, but I’m not sure. .. He wrote the travel from Orzieri to Kowel by train was from 8 o’clock in the morning to 1 and a half in the night.

2) Stocal. They were again around Krukonitze and he wrote they go up North in the neighboroughs of Stocal and Kiselin, where there was the German Army. They had a walk of 30 km. by feet and then camped in a wood near the war front.
I haven’t found Stocal, but Sokal; Sokal seems to me too far from Kisielin (63 km).
Thank you very much.

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