where a village or town "Dubrova" and "Arzofen" are?

Camilla Roggeri @, Alessandria, Italia, Montag, 19.11.2018, 11:23 (vor 275 Tagen)

Good morning, an uncle of my mother was in the WWI in Volinia as a soldier, and in his memories he wrote he went from "Dubrova" to "Chorostow" by feet in four hours, to take the train to Lviv. I believe "Chorostow" is Kvorostiv, because he names other places in the neighboroughs as Gubin, Kiselin (Hubyn, Kysylyn), Krukonice (Krukhynychi), but I haven't found Dubrova. Dibrowka seems too far. 4 hours by feet could be about 20 km.
He wrote in 1917: "At 8 o'clock in the morning we left Dubrova, a place where we had camped and in 4 hours by feet we arrived in the ralways station of Chorostow. The day after we took the train to Lviv."
The other place I can't find is "Arzofen", he wrote it is at the end of a military ralways line, and he went there from Krukhynychi. Arzofen was near the Eastern front of the WWI in January 1917.
Thank you very much.
Maria Camilla Roggeri

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