Heiratsurkunden, Schitomir, 1888-1900?

Helen Gillespie @, Ottawa, Mittwoch, 03.04.2024, 18:48 (vor 48 Tagen) @ Jackie Krebs Petovar

In the SGGEE Wolhynian marriages 1900-1918 index there is a record of a remarriage of Julianna Kluge geb. Rauser to an Alexander Henkelmann so it would appear that her first husband died:

Henkelmann Alexander Kluge geb. Rauser Julianna 1908 17-Sep Zhitomir ZHI 1908 (ZHI fond 67/8/25) Page 173 Regn. 198
Regrettably, this info is only from an index at the Zhitomir Archives and there is no further info.
And, as you are an SGGEE member, you can search for mother's maiden surname in the births in that index, you will note children with both spouses - and possibly one illegitimate one.

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