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Hello Brien!

Happy to learn about you.!

My thread started with Ludwig Neumann (28.10.1885), here in Argentina it is LUIS NEUMAN. He married Ana Maria Brum(m) in 1934 in Winifreda, Conhelo, La Pampa, Argentina and they had three boys and one girl.- I will use the spelling as it has been kept in Argentina, just to be clear-.
Here their offpring:

1-Edmundo Adolfo Neuman was born about 1943 - He was single and had no descendants
2-Elena Neuman was born about 1948 and she is alive. She has two children.
3-Teodoro Ricardo Neuman was born on 27 May 1940 and died 21 November 2007. He got married and had one son (Marcelo) and one daughter (Rosana) .
4-Osvaldo Roberto Neuman was born about 1941 and died 10 July 2015. He got married and had two daughters (Patricia and Elena).

I am a Brum descedant (Volga). My grandmother was Olga Brum, Ana Maria Brum's sisters. And As I started to expand this branch, the Neuman members I mentioned in brackets, who are my 3rd cousins wondered about their anscestors, and here I Am, meeting you. What a lovely surprise!:-)

One of them has a set of postcards and letters. I could identified as being from USA but the quality of the pictures they shared with me are not good. I am waiting them to send me clear pictures to help them reconstruct their family ties. And I am also waiting them to give me the full dates of all descendants in Argentina. It takes time to find those papers and photos.

Neuman family settled in Las Flores, in Buenos Aires Province, dedicated to agriculture activity.They were and are owners of farms.

My personal email is ... and I would be glad to have news from you and that I could share with them.

And yes! My surname Reibold ...well, German-Russian descendant too, but from Crimea- 5 generations in Crimea and then to Argentina.



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