Neuman Ludwig from Pulin

Gabriela Reibold @, Samstag, 09.04.2022, 13:05 (vor 77 Tagen) @ Gerhard König

Hello Gerhard!!!
Nice to get your answer and explanation of the surname Dombrowska! :yes:
I assume the records related to Johann Neumann and Helene Dombrowska descendants are these ones.
*Albert Neumann* * 25/10/1879 ~ 26/10/1879 in Pulin
*Ludwig Neumann* * 28.10.1885 ~ 21.11.1885 in Pulin

As regards Johann Neumann (1) y Helene Eichhorst couple, I need to know if the Johann Neumann (1) is a brother of Johan Neuman, father of Ludwig Neuman (b28.10.1885) Or are these Johann Neuman cousins ?.:gruebel: Sorry, I don´t know how to interpret correctly that information. Forgive me my lack of understanding. :-(

Thank you

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