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Hello Gabriela Reibold,

Irene König notified me of this thread on the Neumann family.

I am a descendant of Johann Neumann's sister Friederike Neumann. She was my grandmother's grandmother.

Johann and Friederike's parents were Martin Neumann (born about 1803) and Dorothea Wilhelmine Torno (born about 1807). The Neumann family lived within the Nasielsk parish north of Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki near Warsaw, Poland. They were one of several families that emigrated to the Pulin area of Volhynia in the early 1870s.

I recently discovered the 1826 marriage record of Martin Neumann and Dorothea Wilhelmine Torno. I had not found it earlier, since Martin's name was recorded as Martin Nowak, which is a Polish equivalent of Neumann. The marriage record identifies Martin's parents as Jędrzej (Andreas) Neumann and Krystyna Grochowska.

Similar to the Eichhast = Dombrowska equivalency, the Neumann name is also recorded as Nowak in some Polish records. There are many other German surnames that have Polish equivalents. has good resources on these equivalent surnames.


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