Trying to find my grandfather's family

Horst Renz @, Donnerstag, 23.09.2021, 23:12 (vor 29 Tagen) @ Craig Mueller

Hello Craig,
Margarethe Olga Mathes was born on 1 Dec. 1898 in Muntowka / Wladimir-Wolynsk. Father: Valentin Mathes, Mother: Ida Helene Louise Laube. Valentin and Helene Louise Ida (name order different on the marriage certificate) were married on 17 Nov. 1892 in Antonowka / Wladimir-Wolynsk. Valentin's parents were Peter Mathes--Elisabeth Reinberger. Ida Helene Louise only had her mother's name given--also named Ida Laube, so apparently Ida Helene Louise was illegitimate . No father's name was given and she took her mother's surname. If you want to research that side of the family further, yo can go to the SGGEE database online .
Horst Renz

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