Trying to find my grandfather's family

Craig Mueller @, Dienstag, 21.09.2021, 23:59 (vor 31 Tagen)

I am trying to find information about my grandfather, Otto Mueller, and his family. He came to America in 1912. On his emigration papers to America he said his country of origin was Russia. In the 1930 census in Columbus, Ohio where he and his family lived at that time he said his country of origin was Poland. I have been told by a friend that he may have lived in the area of Volhynia. I have also been told this area is presently part of Ukraine.

I am sorry that I am not very smart about this part of the world. My grandfather Otto Mueller was born in 1894. Otto's fathers name was Gustav Mueller and his mother's maiden name was Eva Movak. Otto's parents did not come to America. Otto married Olga Mathes here in America in 1920. Olga's father and mother came to America to live sometime in the 1920s. They were Valentine Mathes and Ida Laube Kanewski.

Thank you very much for your assistence. I hope to visit your county someday soon.
Craig Mueller
170 Twin Sisters Lane
Mooresville, North Carolina

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