Trying to find my grandfather's family

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Hello Craig,
Otto Mueller was born on 7 Feb. 1894 in Boza Wola / Wladimir-Wolynsk. Father: Gustav Mueller, Mother: Eva Moneweg (Mornhinweg). Gustav and Eva moved to Volhynia 1881-1882 from the Radom area in Poland, as their daughter , Mathilde, was born 1881 in Wladislawow / G. Radom and died on 8 Jul. 1883 in Ekaterinow /Wladimir-Wolynsk. Other children of Gustav and Eva:
Johann-*28.9.1882 Ekaterinow, + 21.3.1884 Boza Wola; Wilhelm-*28 Nov. 1884 Ekaterinow; Augustine-*21 Jan. 1887 Boza Wola; Otto-*7 Feb. 1894 Boza Wola; and Eva-*19 May 1889 Barbarow / Wladimir-Wolynsk. There probably were more children, but to find them , you would have to research the Radom area records before 1881. These records were found in the SGGEE database, which can be accessed online for free on their public database.
Horst Renz

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