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Ervin, the next two variants ...

in our list of books you can read PRAXENTHALER, Benedikt: Aktenbestände über die Wolhyniendeutschen im Gebietsarchiv Zhytomyr. Osteuropainstitut München, 1990. This book you can order in Wiesentheid, Germany (adress here: http://www.wolhynien.de/links2.htm#hist.verein). The autor listed many documents of the archive in Shitomir. Your village Ludwigowka in the parish Shitomir was a cantorat with a school. Please note: the book is partly written in German and Russian.

An other way can be the "Memorial books of the Volhynian government" (free translation from me / German: "Gedenkbücher des Governements Wolhynien" / origin Russian titles: "Памятная Книшка Волынской Губерний" ). These books were published annually and are available in different archives and libraries of Russia and the Ukraine (for example known in St. Petersburg; years 1886-1917). Apart from statistic informations to the localities in it also the names of the local chiefs stand, Municipality and court representative and other administrative persons for each year (with it also German names).


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