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Gerhard König ⌂, Freitag, 20.08.2004, 10:27 (vor 6272 Tagen) @ Ervin Schieman

Als Antwort auf: Re: Ort Ludwigowka von Ervin Schieman am 20. August 2004 07:36:41:

Village Ludwikowka parish Shitomir

1888: colony, inhabitants 190, Wolost Pulin, 26 Werst from Shitomir

1909: parish Shitomir, colony of tenants, Lutheran inhabitants 630, 1 scholl with prayroom, 130 children in the school, the pastor visited this village 2x / year
Please note, the number of inhabitants is very high. It is the source of the Lutheran church and can mean all inhabitants of this cantorat.

1906: colony, inhabitants 214, Wolost Pulin, houses 32, 26 Werst from Shitomir


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