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My grandfather ... returned to East Prussia in 1901

It can be your first step. Try to find contact persons, other family researcher for example, in East Prussia with the same village or town of your family in 1901. Very often the families returned to East Prussia with their Volhynian neighbours.

A second step can be to search documents or archives for the village / town in East Prussia with informations about the resettler from Volhynia in this time. One hint the free mailinglist for East-and Westprussia: http://list.genealogy.net/mailman/listinfo/ow-preussen-l.

my great grandfather and family emigrated to Volhynia
in the 1850's or 1860's.

Here you can compare with the researcher lists of the SGGEE or entries in our forum and our own researcher list of http://www.wolhynien.de/. For example: your own article was an answer for the question of a search in Ludwigowka from Doeru (at) t-online.de.

An other way is the selection in the known Odessa database. Please note: one village Ludwikow was near Lutzk and you search in Ludwikowka near Shitomir. You can sort all entries for Ludwiko* and compare it with the written entries for the parish Shitomir.


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