Wilhelm Besler and Ernestine Hiller

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Cordoba, Argentina, Freitag, 15.12.2023, 07:37 (vor 74 Tagen)

Hello, sorry, I will use English, please answer me in any language, I will use Google Translate.

I'm looking for information about my great-great-grandparents Wilhelm Besler (Bessler, Wolter?) and Ernestine Hiller, parents of my great-grandmother Olga Besler(1901-1956 Paraguay), married to Ferdinand Hilscher(1891-1987 Paraguay).

All my family, Rosin and Hilscher, came from Toptscha (Topcha), Kolowert II and nearby places like Horodischtsche (Horodyszcze), so it makes a lot of sense to me that the Besler's also come from there.

According to the information that Frank Stewner put in Olga Besler's profile in FamilySearch, she was born in Horodischtsche precisely on August 6, 1901 (he didn't cite sources) and according to Gary Warner he put that she married Ferdinand Hilscher on March 18, 1923 in Poland (he also didn't cite sources), they had a daughter Alma Hilscher who was born in Europe, and then they emigrated to Argentina where they had some children until finally ending up in Paraguay where my grandmother was born.

Olga supposedly had siblings Alwine, Mathilde and Adolf, I estimate that they could also have been born near those towns, and they were surely born at some point close to her (between 1880-1920 ¿?).

So if my great-grandmother Olga was born in 1901, I suppose that her parents Wilhelm and Ernestine could have been born between 1850-1880, perhaps, they could have also been born in Poland because I understand and following the trace of the Rosins and Hilschers it's seen that at that time started the big migration from Poland to Volhynia, but I can't find any information about Wilhelm and Ernestine there either, my ancestors in Poland almost all come from the area of Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland) and Lodzkie.

But well, that, I am looking for information about Wilhelm Besler and Ernestine Hiller because they are really a mystery within my family tree, I appreciate all the answers.


Wilhelm Besler and Ernestine Hiller

Irene König ⌂, Freitag, 15.12.2023, 19:11 (vor 74 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Hallo Jose,

deine Vorfahren lebten in einem Kirchspiel, für das es fast keine Kirchenbücher mehr gibt. Ich finde leider keine Informationen zu einem Paar Wilhelm Besler & Ernestine Hiller - keine Heirat, keine Kinder.

According to the information that Frank Stewner put in Olga Besler's profile in FamilySearch, .... and according to Gary Warner...

Wenn es bei FamilySearch keine Quellen gibt, frage am besten bei den Personen an, die diese Einträge gemacht haben (Gary Warner, Frank Stewner). Diese sollten dir die Quellen (hoffentlich) nennen können.

Gruß, Irene

Wilhelm Besler and Ernestine Hiller

Matthias Sorget @, Neuenhagen bei Berlin, Dienstag, 19.12.2023, 23:40 (vor 70 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Hallo Jose,

In meiner Vorfahrenliste habe ich auch die Namen Besler und Hiller. Sie stammen auch aus den Raum Horodischtsche (Horodyszcze). Ich kann zwar keine Zuordnung deiner und meiner Besler's und Hillers finden, aber ich glaube du solltest mal als Ursprungsort das Kalischer Land (den Ort Konin) nehmen. Dort findest du mit Sicherheit mehr über die Besler's

Viel Erfolg

Matthias Sorget

Wilhelm Besler and Ernestine Hiller

Oskar Walter @, Ingolstadt, Mittwoch, 10.01.2024, 08:03 (vor 48 Tagen) @ Matthias Sorget

Hallo Ahnenforscher,

auch in meiner Vorfahrenliste ist der name Besler zu finden.
Konkret: Wilhelmine Besler
* 27.11.1845 in Chozepin, Kreis Poddebice, Bezirk Lodz, Kongresspolen; † ..,.., 1926 in Kutusowka; Kreis Pulin, Gebiet Shitomir, Wolhynien

Viel Erfolg!

Wilhelm Besler and Ernestine Hiller

Mark Wolter @, Donnerstag, 22.02.2024, 10:58 (vor 5 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Hi there!

Maybe I can give you Information on the Family.

I am in direct line of the Beslers.

Adoph‘s niece still is alive … 87 years old.

Contact me directly.

Best wishes, Mark

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