Namenlisten EWZ records: Topcha / Kolowert / Horodyszcze

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Montag, 29.04.2024, 11:43 (vor 49 Tagen)

Hello, inspired by the Kostopol Namenlisten on the main page, I tried to do something similar but with several towns where my ancestors come from:

Topcha (Topcza, Toptscha)
Korzysc (Korist)
Horodyszcze (Horodischtsche)

I also included everything I found from:

Analyzing the EWZ records of my relatives I realized that they were almost all concentrated in similar EWZ numbers, so I assumed that many of the other people from those towns were going to be close numerically speaking, I thought about it to do it more efficiently and not go through 100,000 records.

This is the first delivery of the mini-project. I want to deliver it now because I won't have time now but I would like it to be at least available in this raw form, I would like in the future to do what Kostopol has by organizing by families because obviously there are several records that are related.

I say deliver it now because I know that the time it will take me to do this I will finish it maybe years from now or never haha.

I feel that it can be very useful for quick searches (the Invenio search engine is very bad for this purpose, with all due respect) and also help a little with the lack of information that I feel there is from all these towns, at least in the SGGEE searches very little is found.

I did 3 runs:

2344 scans
763 records registered

I saved any records that mentioned any of the places of interest, I went through 2344 scans and took 763 records, roughly 33%, so I feel that my record concentration analysis was not that wrong.

I still need to do a couple more runs in some numbers where I know people from the area concentrate, I also have to continue the 3rd run, I cut it just due to lack of time.

I would like to know an email to which to send the pdf document so that it can be published publicly on the page (if you want it).

And I also share here the link to my Google Sheets (Excel) where the project is and everyone can see it, there are other sheets explaining a couple more things:


I understand that there may be errors and correct me if it's necessary, I will change them, but yes, please understand, it's not easy to read the records sometimes. With the time I became familiar with some surnames so I think that is within everything good.

I took some considerations with some names and surnames (example: all Luise or Louise were registered as Louise, or similar as Karolina vs Karoline I saved them as Karoline, Kebernik, Kobernick, etc are all Koebernik, etc).

Also the names of the places of interest that I'm most familiar with are a little more standardized, e.g. Topcza / Topcha / Toptscha, well, they were all named Topcha.

Tuchyn/Tuczyn/Tutschin = Tuchyn

When places, surnames or names that I didn't know appeared, I put them as they appeared.

If there were words that I didn't understood exactly, I put them as I understood them.

And if there were words that I understood very little of what them, I didn't add anything.

Standardization speeds up registration in Excel because it autocompletes, because of this I made some considerations, as 90% of the occupations were related to the agriculture, those that are very similar to Landwirt (such as Landarbeiter, Landmann) I didn't save them, and if the person recorded had 2 jobs, I chose the most interesting (e.g. Landwirt & Tischler, I registered Tischler).

I don't know if you agree with the considerations I take but I think almost all of them can be solved by simply going and seeing what the record says origianlly.

I don't know if I have to say anything else haha, thank you because I think you all inspire me a little to do these things, and thank you if you publish it, I feel that it would be a great help at least for now maybe for someone, just help 1 person with this would make me happy.

So thank you, and I'll see if in a few months when I have more time I do the expansion with more records, the idea is to go through the maximum number of records possible, do you know of other numbers that have a good concentration of that area? If so, let me know haha.

(I think there should be a big indexing of all EWZ records from Volhynia, by the way)

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