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Thomas Virro @, Lidaleden 93 60381 Norrköping Schweden, Samstag, 06.08.2022, 07:59 (vor 565 Tagen) @ Малышев

Thank you for your offer but I managed to pay it via USA and a friend (polish) of hers visiting Ukraine at that time. But he is not there anymore.

I have ordered some more documents yesterday and if I get lucky, I will receive some more.
Maybe I can come back to you then if I get a new bill from them?

(A friend in Estonia helped me to translate)
The documents I received so far were birth- and death records:

- 1902 nr 873, *20.12.1901 18:00 in Tartatschek/Tartassek, **06.01.1902 – Emil Ernst Zitlau, parents Michael Zitlau and Dorothea b. Brüsewitz, godp. Johann Libknot? and Albertina Litke.
+July 4, 1985 in Berlin –

- 1904 nr 382, *12.04.1904 02:00 in Tartatschek, **18.04.1904 – Rudolf Zitlau, parents Michael Zitlau and Dorothea b. Brüsewitz, godp. Rudolf Rode and Elizaveta Fridrih [Friedrich].
Death unknown

- 1909 nr 115, *11.08.1909, **26.08.1909 by pastor Johanson – Olga Zittlau, parents Michael Zittlau and Dorothea Elizaveta Julia b. Brüsewitz, godp. August Brand and Paulina Brand.
Death unknown –

Heimtal congr. deaths (+) and burials (++) register.

- 1908 nr 206, +05.01.1908 10:00, ++08.01.1908 – Hermann Johanns Sohn Brüsewitz, born in Prussia, 71 y 11 m, married, marazm. (Did Hermann starve to death?)

Yesterday in my questions I asked if there is some information about these people:

- Is there any document index for deaths between 1895 and 1897 in your archives?
- Is there any document index for those born in 1897 (who was Johann Timnik's mother)?
- Birth and death register for the period 1897 - 1908?

- Is it possible to find information about Marie Timnik (Brüsewitz) and her life with Feliks Jurkowski, as well as their children and what happened to Hermann's wife and their daughter Dorothea Zitlau?
I attached a power point slide to Zhitomir with my questions at the different people, but I could not attach it here.

I am not even sure I used the right form as everything is in Ukrainian and I was asked to write in Ukrainian or Russian (I had an excellent choice there) to the archive in Zhitomir, halleluja.

So, I can only wait and see their response to my question.

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