Olga Zander * 1903

Holc @, Sonntag, 21.03.2021, 18:48 (vor 27 Tagen) @ Ansgar Mantey

We are investigating. What we do know at the moment is that only two of Ottilie's children have the surname Zander: Olga and Gustaw. Apparently at that time, Ottilie's parents were not accepting of her partner named Tomas Bassilkov (or Bazilkof, or Walczikow or something like that, we must find her grave here to see how the surname is spelled). Later, Olga's parents accepted Tomas into the family and the following children carried the father's surname. Therefore Ottilie has two children with the surname Zander (Olga and Gustaw) and then the following children Martha, Alexander, Basilio and Emilie had the surname of their father.

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