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Gabriel Holc @, Sonntag, 21.03.2021, 12:07 (vor 28 Tagen)

Hello my name is Gabriel Holc and I am from Argentina. I am looking for information about my great grandparents: Gustaw Holc and Olga Zander. Gustaw Holc was born in Wolyn (in Dobva or something like that) on January 30, 1902, his parents were named Gottlieb Holc and Eleonora Lippert (I'm not sure if his mother's name was that). Olga Zander was born on May 22, 1903 in Alexandriya. Her mother was named Ottilia Zander. she took confirmation at the Lutsk Evangelical Lutheran Church on March 30, 1922 with Pastor Kleindienst. in 1928 they emigrated to Argentina. I need to have more information about your family and if a birth certificate can be obtained.

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