Help with Polish, Michael Rosin, Julianna Radke marriage doc

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Dienstag, 09.04.2024, 16:50 (vor 42 Tagen)

Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask for help with some Polish but I've a small question with some words in a document.

In short, I only want to understand 2 words of 2 images, nothing more (they are images with very little text, it's not something terrible).

I have 2 main doubts:

1. Was Michael Rosin adopted? Is the surname of the family that adopted him mentioned in the document?
2. The birthplace of Juliana Radke.


The biological parents, Andreas Karl Rosin 1820-1860) and Wilhelmine Rex (1824-1860), of Michael Rosin (1853-?) died when all their children were very young, and I don't know exactly what happened to them, they were from a family from Sobotka, Dabie.

His parents died when he was 7, he didn't have much older siblings and his grandparents also almost all died around that time, so I always assumed they were adopted or something like that.

The story jumps to Lublin, precisely to Krasienin where he married Julianna Radke on July 13, 1879, then they moved to Topcha, Volhynia.


1879 Marriage Michael Rosin and Julianna Radke Krasienin

That document it's hard to read, the names are barely visible, in fact, the parents of both are not mentioned as far as I can barely understand.

But that's not the text I want to decipher, if someone reads that one of the 2 questions I asked are answered in that doc, great, but I can't read much.


Well, don't ask me where, I don't remember anymore, I got these 2 images of the wedding (they are signed by the same people who appear in the wedding document above: "Samuel Peschke ¿" and "Jan Roschtreter ¿" ), evidently it's another section of the same marriage book where they wrote more things, you can tell by the large number 62 that coincides with the registration number in the book.

There are 2 sheets, one for Michael Rosin and one for Juliana Radke.


1. Michael's page:

Michael's page

And here's what I want to know:
When it mentions Michael says something like:

Michael Rosin / Pozbenz (or Kozbenz) / then says something I don't understand.

But that Pozbenz or Kozbenz is what intrigues me, is that the surname of the family that adopted him?

Perhaps that word means orphan or adopted, not necessarily the groom's adopted surname.

I don't know if it's relevant but later in Topcha, Volhynia a son of Michael Rosin and Julianna Radke, Gottlieb, married a lady with surname Pubantz. So, there's a record between the closeness of the Rosin and Pubantz families.

Below he mentions that he was born in Dabie, Kalisz Governorate, the name of his parents and his age (26).


2. Juliana's page:

Juliana's page

Here what would interest me would be to decipher his birthplace:

Kolonie Teolin? and then I don't understand what it says, it should be the province or something similar.

He mentions the parents Johann Radke and Elisabeth Zaft and their age (24), the words in between I don't understand the same.


Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

Help with Polish - I found Teolin

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Dienstag, 09.04.2024, 20:34 (vor 42 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Okey, I found an answer to my 2nd question, I found Teolin.

The document says something like "Kolonie Teolin, Gubernia Petrokowskiy".

Of course, I didn't recognize the word Piotrokow because I never knew about it, it was a governorship within the Russian Empire that lasted only from 1867 to 1915.

(also because the P is so poorly drawn, with all due respect to our dear friend who wrote that, lol)

Piotrokow Goverantore on Wikpedia (English)

Teolin on Wikipedia (Polish)

I found its exact ubication here:

Teolin in Map German Settlements in Eastern Europe

It's very close to Lodz, it no longer exists as a village/city/town, it now belongs to Nowosolna.

Teolin also appears on Albert Breyer's map.("Breyer Map - Karte der Deutschen in Mittelpolen")

Teolin, is marked on the Breyer map as "Lutherans from Southwestern Germany".

It's not crazy to think that she was born there, although most of my relatives came from villages near Dabie, Kolo, I have other ancestors who lived in the vicinity of Lodz, and there would not be many reasons to distrust this since it was a time of migration to Volhynia from different points in central Poland, in fact, the wedding is near Lublin, obviously they were both far from home.

Furthermore, whenever I searched about the Radke before this, always the investigations always head me to Lodz, looking a little at the parishes uploaded in such as Zgierz, Aleksandrow or Konstantynow, they are all full of people with the surname Radke.

So it all makes sense.


Now the first question remains to be answered about that word [Pozbenz or Kozbenz] and if its if its related to a possible adoption of Michael Rosin, thank you all.


Help with Polish, Michael Rosin

Irene König ⌂, Mittwoch, 10.04.2024, 21:55 (vor 41 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Hallo Jose,

der Heiratseintrag ist auf Russisch geschrieben. (Und natürlich enthält er die Namen der Eltern, aber weil du die kyrillischen Buchstaben nicht kennst, findest du die Namen nicht).

Die anderen beiden Dokumente sind die Notizen des Pastors zu Braut und Bräutigam. Sie enthalten alle Informationen, die für den Heiratseintrag nötig sind. Diese Notizen sind auf Polnisch geschrieben worden, mit ein paar wenigen Worten auf Russisch. Das Wort, das du als Pozbenz liest ist lediglich Michael Familienname Rosin, geschrieben in kyrillischen Buchstaben: Розынь. Es gibt keinen Hinweis darauf, dass er adoptiert wurde.

Michał Rosin /Розынь/ kawaler - (запасный Солдать)

Michael Rosin /Rosin/ Junggeselle - (Reservesoldat)

Scan 128/129

Gruß, Irene

Help with Polish, Military Records and Radke-Zaft marriage

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Donnerstag, 11.04.2024, 03:39 (vor 41 Tagen) @ Irene König

Wow, that's spectacular Irene, thank you very much. :okay:

Of course, I had interpreted that somewhere there it said "Andreas", but I hadn't thought about the Russian language and its Cyrillic writing, great, now I have another way to write my last name.


1- Military records.

And maybe I'm opening a different topic here, but since we're talking about the military, are there Russian military records from World War I?
Supposedly one of my great-grandfathers (Hilscher or Rosin, I have to ask my grandmother again, haha) served in the rearguard on the Caucasus front for Russia, or at least there was a relocation of his family to the Dagestan area, which was not very clear.


2- Radke-Zaft marriage

And 2nd (I hope I don't bother you), I suspect that this marriage of 1836 that I found in Geneteka is the one between Johann Radke and Elisabeth Zaft, parents of Julianna Radke, it would not be so wrong since they lived in the vicinity of Lodz, no more information appears in Geneteka of the marriage (name of their parents for example), I understand that there's some way to see the document but I don't know how exactly do it, again, thank you again.


Help with Polish, Military Records and Radke-Zaft marriage

Irene König ⌂, Donnerstag, 11.04.2024, 09:49 (vor 41 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Of course, I had interpreted that somewhere there it said "Andreas",...

Du solltest die Dokumente übersetzen lassen, die du selber nicht lesen kannst. Frage zum Beispiel bei der SGGEE auf Facebook nach, an wen du dich wenden könntest.

since we're talking about the military, are there Russian military records from World War I?

Es ist möglich, dass es im Archiv Rowno Listen von Soldaten gibt. Online kenne ich nur die folgende Website, wo man Verwundete/Gefallene finden kann. Natürlich ist das alles auf Russisch.

I understand that there's some way to see the document but I don't know how exactly do it,

Das betreffende Kirchenbuch ist online. Wie im Index auf geneteka angegeben, findest du die Heirat RADKE & ZAFT im Jahr 1836 unter der Nummer 15.

Akta stanu cywilnego Parafii Ewangelicko-Augsburskiej św. Trójcy w Łodzi

Gruß, Irene

Help with Polish, Radke-Zaft marriage

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Donnerstag, 11.04.2024, 18:47 (vor 40 Tagen) @ Irene König

Thank you, yes, after you told me I used a reader of old Russian texts online and although the reader isn't perfect, now I was able to read (or recognize) the names and facts related to the marriage much better.

With this information about the Radke/Zaft family in Kolonie Teolin/Antoniew/Lodz you literally made me discover a new branch of my family tree, that's great, also now I can better search for scans in Geneteka, so I have no choice but to end this message as it began, with a thank you.

Help with Polish, Military Records and Radke-Zaft marriage

Diethard Kolewe @, Cornwall, Donnerstag, 11.04.2024, 15:37 (vor 40 Tagen) @ Jose Marcos Rosin

Hi Jose,

The 1836 oo is available online---Holy Trinity Church.

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