Foto des Posaunenchors Topcha

Jose Marcos Rosin @, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina, Mittwoch, 15.05.2024, 12:14 (vor 33 Tagen)

Hello, I see that in the Topcha (Topcza/Toptscha) photo section of your page there is one with the Trombone Choir (Posaunenchor) and I see that it has a table with names to reference the people in the photo and leaves blank spaces for those people it doesn't know the author (I think).

I would like to contribute this version with a couple more information about the people in the photo:

Eduard Petrich's children with Emilie Rosin: Max, Reinhold, Julius.
There was another Julius Petrich in Topcha but he was much older, the one in the photo seems to be very young as was Julius born in 1921.

Also with data about Emil Krueger and Richard Tomm (son of Emil Tomm and Ottilie Giesbrecht), their photos in the EWZ records seem to check, apart from that I made other checks such as if there are no other person named the same in Topcha, etc.

The EWZ records of the people mentioned:
Emilie Rosin (EWZ 18877)
Max Petrich (EWZ 124413)
Reinhold Petrich (EWZ 18878)
Julius Petrich (EWZ 18879)
Emil Krueger (EWZ 124311)
Richard Tomm (EWZ 128256)

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