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I'm researching the history of my Schellenberger ancestors, who lived in Iwanowka, Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine (near Belokorovich). I've been struggling to find any records of the family, but our EWZ files and family stories confirm that they lived in Iwanowka.

Below are the details of my great-great grandparents, along with their known children:

Schellenberger, Jakob | b. around 1850, d. after 1910 in Iwanowka
Steingraeber, Albertina | b. around 1850, d. after 1910 in Iwanowka

Schellenberger, Reimund | born 1866 in Poland, died 1938 near Cherkassy, Ukraine
Schellenberger, Helena | born 1872 in Poland, died 1953 in California, USA
Schellenberger, Gustav | born 1882 in Iwanowka, died 1943 in British Columbia, Canada
Schellenberger, Wanda | born 1893-96 in Iwanowka, died 1964 in Ohio, USA

Does anyone have suggestions on potential sources for family information?

Thank you,

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