OCR software for Windows 11

Thomas Virro @, Lidaleden 93 60381 Norrköping Schweden, Freitag, 12.08.2022, 11:46 (vor 47 Tagen)

Good morning,

does someone have a recommendation which OCR software that is best (most prizeworthy) for genealogy documents?
It should be able to read both handwritten and printed texts.
The languages handled by the OCR should include german (Kurrent), polish, Russian and Ukrainian. Maybe there are more languages, or dialects it should be able to handle? These AI models where you can train a language, are they reliable enough for genealogy purposes?
There is a jungle out there with all kinds of software.

When I received an attachment from Lutsk in .jpg format (document in Ukrainian) I had difficulties to open and edit it so I could "put" it into Google translate where I can translate it from Ukrainian to Swedish. Is there any other, better way to do it?

Grateful for tips as this is a recurring problem, I would like to have a smooth tool that can handle this. I doesn´t have to be a free software, but not too expensive.

Kind regards/Thomas Virro (Schweden)

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