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Richard Kosowski @, Freitag, 10.06.2022, 08:03 (vor 15 Tagen) @ Diethard Kolewe

Hello Diethard,

Thankyou for replying to me. I have since found out that township is now in Ukraine. My grandfather Waclaw, was born in either 1889/90. And came to Australia in 1950, They were Roman Catholic. I can only find his father (my great grandfather) Ludwik Kosowski died in 1910. Im guessing all information has since been destroyed. My grandfather Waclaw & grandma Anna Suchanowska came to Australia with their two sons, Albin & Tadeusz. We dont know about any other relatives, living or deceased. I will keep looking at Church records but not holding too much hope.

Thankyou & kind regards,
Richard K

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