Alexander Henkelman(n) & Julianne Rauser/Kluge

Jaclyn Krebs Petovar @, Edmonton, Freitag, 20.05.2022, 20:38 (vor 35 Tagen)

I just found this page and am very intrigued by all the information and experience here. I can read and understand german, but am not fluent in writing, so hopefully it's ok to write in english.

I am looking for information on Alexander Henkelmann and Julianne Rauser. All the information I have on them is family stories, and I cannot find records for them anywhere.
They were married in 1908 in Zhitomir and had two sons, Arnold and Ewald. Julianne was married once before to Gustav Kluge with whom she had a son, Julius. Alexander was a soldier and died around 1914, and Julianne died "from heartbreak" when found out.
After the death of their parents, Arnold and Ewald went to live with their uncle, who we think was named Josef Rauser.

There are many Henkelman's in Zhitomir and Ukraine, however I can find no record of Alexander.
Surely he was not an only child? He must have had siblings or cousins, even.

Hopefully we can find something! Thank you sincerely!

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