Fridrich August Kaminski, Wilhelmswalde

Kaminski Andrey @, Dienstag, 07.12.2021, 14:42 (vor 40 Tagen) @ Gerhard König

Thanks for answer!
I wrote to Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, they did not find any birth records. Will try to find it myself, thanks for the link!
About family name there are some rumors from relatives, but nothing concrete.
In household book (in Russia was this books, containing all people who lived in house or owned it) there are record, that he was born in Ukraine, Byshevskaya volost, Kievsky district, and something that looks like Staritzkoje.
For now i'm trying to restore record about marriage from archives, still no answer. They even lost record about birth of my grandfather, need to restore it in court.

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