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Zach Carlson @, Mittwoch, 17.03.2021, 10:08 (vor 31 Tagen)


I am looking for information in regards to my ancestors who moved to Volynia in the area of Zhotmir and then onto Tuchyn/Rivne between 1870-1881. The Parents names were: Augustyn and Karolina both Lutherans. They were married in 1866, Sompolno Lutheran Church, Konin, Wielkopolskie, Poland Their children that I know of were: Wilhelm (09 May 1885, Tuczyn Parish), Amalia (1872, Sompolno), Crestina/Christina (1881, Tuczyn Parish), Bertha (1894, Tuczyn Parish). Karolina had 12 kids in total but 6 died plus her husband Augustyn before the familiy immigrated to Berrien Springs/Benton Harbor, Michigan between 1900-1903.


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