Rudolf Betker

Heinrich Richter @, Dienstag, 16.03.2021, 12:28 (vor 33 Tagen)

I am researching my great uncle, Rudolf Betker. A marriage index on SGGEE shows a marriage between Rudolf Betker and Matlda Dressel in Tutchin Parish on Sep. 26, 1910. Based on ship records this would make Matilda 20 and Rudolf 19 years old at this time. Although I have found their immigration records to Canada, census records and obituary and cemetery records, I have yet to find a birth record for either of them. The manifest says that he is from Kostopol.. I have searched many web sites, including Russian language site for birth and baptismal records but no luck.. Can anyone suggest a web site that might have information on this area. Thanks for reading.

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Heinrich Richter

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