Birth Certifcate Lucinow, Rowienski, Wolynska

M* Hanson, Dienstag, 16.03.2021, 03:51 (vor 32 Tagen)

My great-grandmother had a birth certificate reissued in 1925, a month before her emigration to Canada.

The only information I've been able to find regarding Lucinow is this webpage. Her birth certificate has the same stamp as shown in this webpage from 1934, and it is signed by M Jeske who I am assuming to be Martin Jeske the pastor for Lucinow at the time.

My great-grandmothers birth certificate contains this line, which I have been told is where she was born. I would greatly appreciate it someone could translate this line for me, and tell me if it is indeed a location. [image]

As well I would like to know where Lucinow was located, and if it still exists today.

Thank you in advance!

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