Gabriel Gysin @, Sonntag, 14.03.2021, 23:38 (vor 34 Tagen)

Hello everyone,
I am investigating the Schlender family, they emigrated to Brazil in 1911, they left the port of Bremen, they were from Wolhynien, but the place I do not know, someone may have some of these people in their tree, or someone can guide me in which city this surname is more common to search,
* Johann Friederich Schlender (1867), married to Pauline Kohn (1870)
Their children:
* Olga Lidia Schlender (1888)
* Ida Adelgnnde Schlender (1892)
* Gustav Schlender (1893)
* Hulda Schlender (1897)
* Rudolf Schlender (1901)
* Reinhold Schlender (1903)
* Elsa Schlender (1907)
Thanks very much

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