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Chris Muethel @, Montag, 18.01.2021, 16:48 (vor 90 Tagen)

Hi, my name is Chris Muethel. I am looking for some information on Gottfried Krause and Katherine Pietsch. It is believed that both Katherine and Gottfried were born in Alsace Lorraine or Austria according to information from family members. I have not been able to find any records proving this. Katherine immigrated in 1913 to Michigan, USA with her granddaughter Caroline Pedde and according to the census she was widowed. This is all the information I know, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gottfried Krause
b. ? d. ?
m. ?
Katherine Pietsch
b. 11/26/1854 Austria? d. 8/9/1931 Michigan, USA
Father: G. Pietsch (according to death certificate)

1) Johann Krause
b. 6/23/1871 Karolinka, Zhitomar, Volhynia
d. ?

2) Anna Krause (Sage)
b. 1872?
d. ?

3) Karl Krause
b. 3/22/1874
d. 1/27/1967 Michigan, USA

4) Karoline Krause (Banik)
b. 1877 Karolinka, Zhitomar, Volhynia
d. ?

5) Christine Krause
b. ?
d. ?

6) Emilie Krause
b. ?
d. ?

7) Mary Krause
b. ?
d. ?

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