Friedrich Eduard Krüger and Alwine Lampe

Lisa Mitchell @, Donnerstag, 29.10.2020, 22:05 (vor 170 Tagen)

I am looking for information on my grandfather's, Ludwig Krüger, parents.
His father's name was Friedrich Eduard Krüger. I believe Friedrich's parents may have been Wilhelm Krüger and Ernestine Menge (other children Augusta, Karl, Helene, Gustav, Johann and Apollonia). Friedrich lived in Hermanow Poland (now part of the city of Szymanow) when his children Helene (1885) and Luwig (1887) were born but had moved to Gross Gluscha (now Welyka Hluscha) Ukraine by the time his children Julius (1891) and Ottilie (1893) were born. I have no other information on him or his possible parents.
His mother's name was Alwine Lamp(e).
Thank you very much for any information that can be found.

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