Rutsch family

Liliana Kurtz @, Sonntag, 23.08.2020, 03:51 (vor 302 Tagen) @ Regina Steffensen

Hello, thanks for answering
I clarify the information:
Rutsch family
Father: Johann Frank Rutsch (born in Izabelow- Zdusnka Wola Poland March 1852
Mother: Henriette Mihlinkel (no information - only approximate year of birth 1862)
They had 5 children:
- Johann (I have a copy of the baptismal record of the Parish of Zhitomir- born August 5, 1885- born in Babyschvska
- Karl (no precise date of birth year 1887)
My great-grandmother Ida. Born on November 17, 1891 in Babychvska- (I have an Argentine document)
2 other sisters Dorothy and Ernestine no data.
They entered Argentina in 1904 (there is the registry of the income of the whole family)
- Marriage certificate of my great-grandmother in Argentina where the names and surnames of her parents appear.

I would like to find the birth certificate of my great-grandmother Ida Rutsch.


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